Upcoming events


Our events calendar is filed with interesting activities to get to know our people and the culture around it.
Please feel free to browse around by clicking on the links or contact the respective person/group to find out more details about any particular event.

Date Event name Description
May 22, 2018 Pow Wow Meeting VIEW If you are interested in volunteering or being part of the Pow Wow Committee, please come out.
May 15, 2018 Matrimonial Real Property Rights on Reserve VIEW Please join us on May 15th for what is sure to be an informative event and learn how this law affects you and your family members, as well as what options are available under this law. Dinner will be provided. This Workshop is taking place at Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band Hall.
May 13, 2018 Elders Sponsored Bingo and Mother's Day Brunch VIEW Everyone is welcome!!
April 20, 2018 Hazardous Waste Specialist VIEW Do you have expired medications in your medicine cabinet, we have a safe way to dispose them for you.
April 17, 2018 Skwlax Wellness Centre Dental Services VIEW Upcoming Dental Dates
April 14, 2018 Notice of Nomination of Candidates
Meeting of the Electors of the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band on April 14, 2018 from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm.
November 22, 2017 Recalled Fire Extinguishers  VIEW Please return to the O & M Department
Ongoing Cultural Activities Ongoing activies at the Quaaout Lodge
-Berry picking
- Canoe Tours
- Hiking Tours
And much more

Every Tuesday Skwlax Elders Bingo
LittleShuswap Lake Hall
Every Tuesday
Doors Open at 2:00 pm
Proceeds to Skwlax Elders Group