Skwlax Fire Department

The Fire department has been operational with newly acquired vehicles since 2012. The volunteer Fire department is located in the new fire hall at 1886 Little Shuswap Lake Rd.

At present we have 18 volunteers and our members range in all age groups, from teens to the 70’s. A recent innovation in the Fire Department world is the use of auxiliary fire fighters, these are volunteers who do not wish to be front line fire fighters but would like to contribute in some way. Practice schedule is from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday, with a few exceptions when we have live fire practice or an outside agency come to present safety concerns (Eg. BC Hydro or Superior Propane).

There are no qualifications to be on the volunteer fire department with the exception of being 18 years of age or older and having a current valid driver’s license, also no disability that would become a safety concern for themselves or others.

With the assistance of FNESS (First Nations Emergency Service Society) we can take part in a wide range of training from administrative to live fire scenarios. We also bring outside agencies to provide training, from these courses we enhance our skills with further evolutions on Tues nights. We are fortunate to have as a member a retired career fire fighter who has taken on the role as training officer.

We have 2 engines, a 1972 international which has served the community well over the past years and is still a valuable asset. It can provide 400 gallons of water, carry 3 members and equipment and provide valuable back up to our new truck. Our new vehicle a 2010 Ford Workstar has a 800 gallon capacity, is capable of discharging  foam, equipped with built in SCBA equipment for 3 members and has a high pumping capacity. 6 of our members are licensed 1st responders and can provide medical assistance within the limits of our license.

If you are interested in becoming a member as a fire fighter or auxiliary please call 250 679-4472 or drop in at the hall anytime you see my vehicle parked outside, usually any morning and all day on Tuesday

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