Skwlax Daycare

Skwlax Day care is located at 13-1528 Little Shuswap Road

Our objective is to provide a warm, predictable environment where the children can feel relaxed and secure.


Who do we serve?

Infant ~ 3-8 months

Toddler ~ 19-36 months

Group Childcare ~ 37-72 months

Out of school ~ 73 months or older

Preschool (3 mornings a week) ~ 37-72 months

We do accept drop in children based on availability

Full-time and Part-time care is available as well


Contact Information

Manager – Dorothy Munro

1886 Little Shuswap Lake Rd
Chase, BC  V0E 1M2

Phone: 250-679-8033
Fax: 250-679-8043