Territorial Resource Stewardship



The Territorial Resource Stewardship Department (TRS) is responsible for managing the Little Shuswap Lake Band’s (LSLB) land referrals.  These land referrals consist of forestry cut blocks, fisheries, environmental and archaeological/heritage projects.  Within the LSLB traditional territory the TRS interacts on a wide range of project developments, such as highways, energy generation projects, mining and commercial tourism. The office plays an integral part of negotiation, consultation and the accommodation processes.



Please contact the TRS office for details on current and past Archaeology projects.



Squilax Project Staff & Crew Members:


Nola Markey, Archaeologist, Project Manager Dale Tomma, Field Technician
Todd Paquin, Archaeologist,  Project Field Manager Ralph McBryan, Field Technician, RISC
Phoebe Murphy, Archaeologist,  Project Supervisor Jason Bellrose, Field Technician, RISC
Elton Arnouse, Field Technician, RISC Randy LaBourdias, Field Technican, RISC
Emery Arnouse, Field Technician, RISC Miykhaela Tomma, Field Technician, RISC
​Debbie Frenchy, Field Technician, RISC ​Jessica Barton, Archaeologist
Dwayne Finlay, Field Technician, RISC Meaghan Griffith, Archaeologist
Rod August, Field Technician, RISC Earl Stefanyson, Archaeologist
Ron Tomma, Field Technician, RISC Destiny Tomma, Field Technician, RISC
David John, Field Technician, RISC Rose Tomma, Field Technician, RISC

BC HYDRO PROJECTS:                                                                                                                                                              

The Referrals Department is responsible for the review and management of all applications.  They identify where proposed activities will take place (i.e., traditional territory vs crown land) and determine appropriate action and recommendations in collaboration with the LSLIB Administrator and Chief & Council.

Please forward all referrals to referrals@lslib.com.

250.679.3203 ext 147


Territorial Resource Stewardship Representatives:
Location: #105-440 Squilax Angelmont Rd
Email: skwlaxaid@lslib.com